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Take the Ontario Green Screen Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Pledge!

Fuel consumption is one of the biggest contributors of carbon emissions by the Film and TV industry. One way we can reduce fuel consumption from transportation is by switching as many rental cars and vans as possible to hybrid or electric vehicles.

Hybrid and electric vehicles can reduce up to 90 percent less greenhouse gas emissions compared to gasoline fueled vehicles. Ontario productions want to use hybrid and electric vehicles but find a lack of supply in local rental fleets. While these vehicles might have slightly higher rental rates, this will almost always be offset (or better!) with fuel savings. If rental companies are aware that our industry is committed to moving towards more sustainable transportation options, they will increase numbers of local supply.

To help move Ontario's Film and TV Industry towards cleaner transportation solutions, Ontario Green Screen has launched the Electric / Hybrid Vehicle Pledge. Producers, transport captains, and anyone responsible for co-ordinating transportation in Ontario film and TV production is encouraged to take the pledge. Signing our pledge shows that you are committed to introducing hybrid and/or electric vehicles into production whenever possible. Over the next few months, information collected from this pledge will be aggregated and used to inform rental car companies of the current demand for electric vehicles in Ontario.
Together, we will influence change, demand, and implement sustainable practices in the film and television industry. Given the size of our industry in Ontario - we can make a significant impact!

Ready to take action? Take the Pledge!

OGS Community Meeting - April 22, 2021

We know that sustainability is a priority… now what?

This panel will bring together a curated group of production sustainability experts from Canada and the United States to discuss how sustainability is being tackled on both sides of the border. We will focus on reduction goals and what you can do right now to make a difference. The sustainability experts on this panel will discuss the tools and tips to help productions make better choices.
• Julie Bernard: Manager of Production Services at Creative BC
• Zena Harris: Founder/President, Green Spark Group
• Heidi Kindberg: Director of Sustainability HBO & HBO Max
• John Rego: VP of Sustainability at Sony Entertainment
• Mary Anne Waterhouse: Independent producer and owner of Quadrant Motion Pictures

Moderated by:
• Chris Dunn: Production Consultant, Ontario Creates/Ontario Green Screen

Please tune in to Prime Time Online 2021 on February 3, 12:00 pm to watch a panel discussion hosted by Ontario Creates. Registration is free for the entire conference.

TIFF Industry Conference: Building a Greener Industry - How can we create a more sustainable future?

This TIFF Industry Conference session is presented by Telefilm Canada in partnership with Ontario Creates. This panel delves into pressing questions for creating environmentally-friendly productions in the audiovisual industry. Moderated by Chris Dunn, lead consultant at Ontario Green Screen, panelists discuss questions such as: What steps need to be taken to ensure film production can become environmentally sustainable? How can productions balance pandemic-era safety needs with green initiatives? Participating filmmakers also share their experiences, resources, and real-life examples on creating eco-responsible film shoots.

• Mélanie Dubois, Producer, Memo Films
• Doreen Manuel, Director Bosa Centre for Film & Animation, Capilano College
• John Rego, VP Sustainability, Sony Pictures Entertainment
• Mary Anne Waterhouse, EVP Content Creation, Peacock Alley

OGS Community Meeting - November 26, 2020