Ontario Green Screen

We know that sustainability is a priority… now what?

This panel will bring together a curated group of production sustainability experts from Canada and the United States to discuss how sustainability is being tackled on both sides of the border. We will focus on reduction goals and what you can do right now to make a difference. The sustainability experts on this panel will discuss the tools and tips to help productions make better choices.

• Julie Bernard: Manager of Production Services at Creative BC
• Zena Harris: Founder/President, Green Spark Group
• Heidi Kindberg: Director of Sustainability HBO & HBO Max
• John Rego: VP of Sustainability at Sony Entertainment
• Mary Anne Waterhouse: Independent producer and owner of Quadrant Motion Pictures

Moderated by:
• Chris Dunn: Production Consultant, Ontario Creates/Ontario Green Screen

Please tune in to Prime Time Online 2021 on February 3, 12:00 pm to watch a panel discussion hosted by Ontario Creates. Registration is free for the entire conference.

OGS Community Meeting

Ontario Green Screen Community Meeting was held on November 26, 2020