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A Producer’s Guide to Shooting in Ontario

This guide is designed for producers considering Ontario for their next project, whether that be live action production, VFX, animation or post. Learn more about the resources made available by the Ontario Film Commission and the wide range of industry support services available across the province.

A Producer’s Guide to Shooting in Ontario

The Ontario Film Commission offers free location scouting, production consultation and environmentally sustainable training and resources. Register your production to access our services.

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VFX and Animation

Ontario is a top destination for VFX production and animation. Our award-winning studios have experience working with creative teams and producers worldwide on projects of all sizes. The sectors employ 7,000+ artists and the talent pipeline in Ontario is world-class, with university and college programs training the brightest internationally.

For a list of studios in the province, please see the Ontario Production Guide.

Careers in Ontario

Ontario Creates is proud to be working with industry partners to help grow our dynamic and diverse workforce. Working alongside unions, guilds and trade associations we are enabling our industry to increase capacity and build our workforce.

We are proud to partner with ACTRA Toronto, ACTRA Ottawa Directors Guild of Canada – Ontario Chapter, I.A.T.S.E. 411, I.A.T.S.E. 667, I.A.T.S.E. 873, I.A.T.S.E 634 and NABET 700-M Unifor. For specific information on career paths in the film and TV industry, please visit the relevant pages for the unions and guilds.

IATSE 873 IATSE 667 IATSE 411 IATSE 634 NABET 700 UNIFOR Director's Guild of Canada - Ontario ACTRA - Toronto ACTRA - Ottawa


Boasting over 9000 highly skilled and incredibly talented crew members across all categories, Ontario offers a vast array of creative and technical choice. Our unions, guilds and associations are here to help you staff the best crew possible.

IATSE 873 IATSE 667 IATSE 411 NABET 700 UNIFOR Director's Guild of Canada - Ontario Canadian Media Producers Association - Ontario

Discover Ontario

Ontario has been transformed into Detroit, Chicago, Washington D.C., New York City, and a number of other global destinations. Our urban centres, vast pastures, historic architecture, and northern regions offer unprecedented choices. Take a glimpse of how Ontario can transform into anywhere in the world!

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Ontario Production Guide

The Ontario Production Guide is an easy-to-search database of over 1,600 dedicated industry support services across Ontario, including equipment suppliers, studios, labour organizations, post-production facilities, VFX and animation services, accommodations, transport, casting, support services, financial services, regional film offices, green services and more!

Ontario Production Guide


Looking for talent? Well look no further! We have some of the best talent in the business. The Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA) Toronto branch represents 15,000 highly-skilled and diverse performers.

ACTRA Toronto Diverse Performers Stunt Performers Background Performers Voice Performers ACTRA Ottawa

Municipal Intra-Provincial Support

With a network of 80 established municipal and regional film offices and liaisons across the province, your productions will be well supported with local expertise and permitting requests. Film offices can help you discover new locations, make connections with local vendors and work to ensure a fluid production experience. We have a full list here.