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Ontario Green Screen Earth Month Campaign 2024

Day-to-day choices made in transportation can have a significant impact on greenhouse gas emissions. Find out more by downloading our best practice resource guide on Transportation.

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The Film and TV industry in Ontario is cutting carbon emissions by choosing clean power alternatives. Find out how you can tie into the clean power revolution on your production.

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Ontario Green Screen Earth Month Campaign 2024

Incorporating circular design principles into Production design and set construction can really make a difference in production waste at wrap. Find out more by downloading our latest Best Practices Resource Guide for Circular Production Design.

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Throughout the month of April, best practice guides for sustainable production will be published here to help you make a difference in the film and television industry.
Learn best practices to reduce the environmental footprint of Craft and Catering on set with the first of four new Best Practice guides.

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NEW Ontario Green Screen, Grid Tie-in Map

Ontario Green Screen is proud to launch our province-wide electrical grid tie-in map in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This map provides access to clean grid power at locations across the Province.
Grid Tie-in Map
For quick tips on plugging into clean power in Ontario, download our easy reference One-sheet.
Grid Tie-in Reference Sheet
We're looking for more tie-in points. Please register your locations below.
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Ontario Green Screen, Strategic Plan

We are proud to present the Ontario Green Screen 2023-2027 Strategic Plan. Ontario Green Screen (OGS) is made possible through a partnership between Ontario Creates, industry, and municipal partners, representing all aspects of the industry across the province. Collectively, we have a shared passion to facilitate sustainable production practices.

We created the OGS Strategic Plan in collaboration with the OGS Advisory Committee and industry subject matter experts. This plan lays out specific, measurable and timely goals for the initiative, over the next four years:

  • We commit to fostering an engaged, diverse, inclusive, and collaborative community that advances and enables sustainable production practices.
  • We commit to informing and educating Ontario’s film and television industry stakeholders about sustainability best practices.
  • We commit to delivering resources, tools, and initiatives to empower individuals to incorporate sustainable strategies and protocols that will help reduce the negative environmental impacts of film production across Ontario.
  • We commit to creating a framework to effectively measure and report on environmental impacts and industry-wide progress.

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Advancing Waste Management Practices in Ontario’s Film and Television Industry

Ontario Creates and Ontario Green Screen commission report to benchmark waste practices across film and television productions of varying sizes and identify opportunities to facilitate material reuse. This study was generously supported Telefilm Canada.

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In 2019, Ontario Creates engaged a sustainability working group comprised of interested industry organizations, service providers, unions, guilds and individual stakeholders. The results of the consultations were clear. The industry was actively looking for tools and training resources for sustainable film production practices, pathways to lower carbon emissions, reduced waste and a means to incorporate sustainable on-set management across the film and television sector.

Ontario Green Screen is the collaborative initiative between government, industry partners, unions, guilds, trade associations and companies that endeavours to make lasting change in the industry and to empower individuals, production companies and studios to make sustainable choices.

Ontario Green Screen Mission Provide the tools necessary to empower the motion picture industry in Ontario to incorporate and scale up environmentally sustainable best practices that lead to the well-being of our environment.

Ontario Green Screen Vision Ontario Green Screen envisions a robust industry that thrives through its commitment to environmental stewardship, made possible by a non-political partnership of industry stakeholders and government partners across the province.

Governance Ontario Green Screen is co-chaired by Ontario Creates' Film Commissioner and an nominated/elected industry co-chair. The co-chairs work with an advisory committee of partners to prioritize and deliver project initiatives and to reach goals set out by the multi-year strategic plan.

Creative Industries Pact
Ontario Green Screen is proud to be a signatory to the Creative Industries Pact.
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