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Climate & Sustainable Production Training

Climate & Sustainable Production Education is an essential step towards environmental stewardship. The Ontario Green Screen initiative is now offering Climate and Sustainable Production training to all film workers in Ontario. Our program provides the context needed to better understand the climate emergency we face and how to make a difference on set.

Ontario Green Screen offers this course for free, delivered online to allow participation regardless where in the province you live. It is 3 hours in length, with a 10 minute break between the 2 sections. The content is delivered with plenty of opportunity to discuss, share ideas and collaborate with the instructors and other participants.

Course Description:

Section 1: Climate Change Fundamentals
This section provides you with the tools needed to better understand the global factors feeding into climate change, the effects of changing weather patterns on our planet and what can be done to help make lasting change.

Section 2: Sustainable Production Practices
This section provides tactics and actions to help you make better choices for yourself and your production while also saving money.

For more information on the OGS: Climate and Sustainable Production Training program please contact OGSInfo@ontariocreates.ca

Training Calendar

January 2024: Ontario Green Screen is in the process of redesigning the Climate & Sustainable Production training module to better serve everyone. Registration for the new module should be available in early summer, 2024.
To be notified when the registration for this course opens up in the spring, please add your name to the list.

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Note: Online training participants will receive an invitation via email with a link and login password to the training session.

If you are interested in attending the Climate & Sustainable Production training course but require it be conducted in French please send a request to OGSInfo@ontariocreates.ca, arrangements will be made to schedule an additional session on an alternate date.

If you are interested in attending the course and have accessibility issues that need to be considered, please contact us as above.