Ontario Green Screen

OGS Ambassador Program

Ontario Green Screen is looking for ambassadors to champion change in film and television production. Join OGS as an Ambassador to raise awareness of sustainable production. In order to become an OGS Ambassador you need to take an OGS training course, attend community meetings, and be passionate about helping to make changes in the way that we work.

Here are 3 things that you can do right now to help green our industry and become an Ontario Green Screen Ambassador.

1. Learn: Take the free OGS Climate and Sustainable Production training or the Carbon Calculator training module. Attend at least 2 community meetings annually.

2. Act: Take action to change workplaces and help the environment. Green actions can be big and small. Whether large institutional change, like recycling building materials, using a hybrid fleet of vehicles, or making individual change like eating lunch with reusable cutlery or carpooling or cycling to work. We want to celebrate your accomplishments as OGS ambassadors.

3. Share: Share your green actions with Ontario Green Screen by reporting successes (big and small) story by email, or snap a photo/video sustainability actions and share on social media at #OntarioGreenScreen to challenge others to take their own actions and pass it along!

OGS Ambassadors are invited to quarterly Zoom meet-ups where you can connect with other ambassadors, share stories and build community. Ambassadors also receive a digital badge to promote their ambassadorship on social media and other networking channels. For more information on how to become an OGS Ambassador send a message to OGSInfo@ontariocreates.ca

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Our Ambassadors

Ontario Green Screen is proud of our ambassadors who are working hard to raise awareness about sustainable production and promote OGS initiatives within Ontario’s film and television industry.

Check out the hashtag #OntarioGreenScreen on social media to see how our ambassadors are taking action!

Alex Leonard | AL Media | Film Producer/Director for commercial shoots and documentaries
Alex Mazurenko | MBS Equipment Co. | Customer Service Representative/Rental and Sales Agent
Andrea Sacchetto | IATSE 634 | Permittee
Andrew Stretch | IATSE 667 | Camera Department, 1st Assistant
Angelia Hughes | IATSE 667 |Camera Operator
Angelica Siegel | Cream Productions | Sustainability Manager
Astra Burka | Directors Guild of Canada | Co-Chair DGC Ontario Sustainability Committee
Axel Green | IATSE 634/873 | Key Grip Chair of IATSE 634 Environmental Committee
Barbara Anquetil | Producer
Bernadette Warren | IATSE 873 Member and Environment Committee Chair | Film Technician - Props, Sets, Greens
Beth Nobes | IASTE 667 | Training Coordinator, Motion Picture Camera Assistant
Brendan Power | Green Sustainability Solutions Inc.| Waste Diversion and Hauling
Brian Faber | Permaculture Live | Producer
Bryan J Thomas | ACTRA | Stunt Actor Professional
Cameron Sparks | Cream Productions | Production Coordinator
Catherine Euale |IATSE 873 | Costumer, Textile Artist, Silversmith
Cher Merlo | DGC | Assistant Production Manager
Chris Dunn | Ontario Creates | Production Consultant
Christine Topjian | ACTRA |Executive Producer & Talent
Daniella Vicuña | Data Magic Productions Inc., NABET, IATSE | Eco Program Manager
David Hardy |Chief Market Development Officer | H2OnSet
David Kinnersly | Star Grazing Inc., IATSE 411 | Craft Service Company Owner
Dawna Wright | Actor | ACTRA
Eileen Kennedy | The Regional Municipality of Durham | Film Commissioner
Emily Trottier | City of Greater Sudbury | Business Development Officer – Arts, Culture & Film
Gabby Morton Jones | TruGreen | Sustainability Consultant
Giuseppe Crea |Dietologia |Scenographyque/Assistente
Heidi Lasi |Producer |WGC and CMPA member
Helene Valinsky | DGC | Production Manager
Ileana Tschabold | IATSE 873 Member and Environment Committee Vice-Chair | Props
Isil Gilderdale | OPC.TV | Executive Producer
J. Joly | B2F Media Inc/The Coup Company | CEO / Producer / Executive Producer / Financier
Jacqui Hemingway | IATSE873 | Construction and Scenic Dept; IATSE873 Environment Committee
Jane Loughman | Monkeys & Parrots | Producer, Executive Producer
Jared Lorenz | IATSE 667 | Bicycling Cinematographer
Jennifer Haufler | Producer | DGC Ontario CMPA
Jolanta Mojsej | Producer
Kalpit Patel | Supervising Producer | Toronto Film School, Independent Producer
Leaticia Kaggwa | CBC | Environmental Sustainability Lead
Louise Pollard | Producer | Independent
Lynn Bolsby | DGC | Locations Production Assistant /Assistant Location Manager
Magdalena Jurcagova | IATSE 411 | Production Assistant, or currently VFX Coordinator
Marian Wihak | DGC | Production Designer, DGC National Art Dept Rep
Mark Shapland | Independent Production Fund | Funder
Mary Anne Waterhouse | Peacock Alley / Quadrant Motion Pictures / DGC | Producer
Melanie Mullen | Sustainability Consultant
Michelle Roy |Actor, Screenwriter, Director, Producer | ACTRA
Mohammad Junaed | IATSE 873 | Set Wire & Genny Op, Lighting Department
Mona Rauf | Eco Coordinator/Eco Consultant
Monica La Vella |Producer, Screenwriter |105ive Films
Nathan Lee Priebe | IASTE 873 | Construction
Odosa Obasohan |Business Affairs |Independent
Pasha Patriki | Hangar 18 Media | Producer
Ricki Grella | Production Coordinator
Robert Murdoch | IATSE 667 | Camera Assistant
Samantha Leigh | Green Spark Group | Sustainability Consultant
Sandrine Pechels de Saint Sardos |Ottawa Film Commissioner
Sarah Margolius | Sarah Margolius Impact | Impact Producer
Scuba Steve Bruce | EP/SKYMED2 | Sustainability Coordinator
Sean Cisterna | Mythic Productions Inc. | Director and Producer
Sharda Stephenson-Hull | IATSE873 | Scenic Painter
Sidney Leeder | Shy Kids inc., Leeding Lady Productions, ACTRA | Producer, Writer, Actor
Steve Belford | North Bear Pictures | Actor, Writer, Producer
Talia Woodland | Steadicam Operator & 1st AC
Tankurt Mekik | Freelance Producer/Line Producer
Tracy Varju | IATSE 411 | Office Production Assistant
Virginia Abramovich | DGC Ontario | Director, Writer
William Gridley | DGC Ontario | Assistant Director
Yvonne Collins |IATSE 667 | Camera Assistant, part time educator for the film and television industry