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“We shot most of Molly’s Game right here on stages in Toronto. I have to say it was the best crew I’ve ever been part of, without a doubt. They are phenomenally talented."
- Aaron Sorkin, Molly's Game, Director & Writer
"I am constantly impressed by the talent, versatility and commitment of Ontario crews regardless of production size or budget. That deep talent pool combined with a strong infrastructure, supportive government, and of course, the great team at Ontario Creates, makes me very happy to be part of the Ontario Production community."
- Mary Anne Waterhouse, Quadrant Motion Pictures
"Ontario remains home to standout talent, crews, and production facilities in a cost competitive environment, which is why Universal Cable Productions is drawn to producing a growing number of television projects across the province."
- Mark Binke, Universal Cable Productions

Made in Ontario

Schitt's Creek

The Handmaid's Tale

Star Trek: Discovery

The Boys

The Umbrella Academy

The Queen's Gambit