Jukasa Motor Speedway (L7109)

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Address 901 Haldimand Rd 20
Hagersville ON N0A 1H0
Region / Municipality Haldimand
Distance From Toronto 107 km, 67 miles, 1.25 hours Map | Street
Location Description Full 5/8 oval race track. Location also houses camping facilities and an outdoor pavillion. Speedway was reopened in 2017 following extensive renovations including new administration building and grandstand which seats 7,500. Situated on 350 acres the race track is 0.625 miles long, is 60' wide with 8.5 degree banking on the turns and 3.5 degree banking on the straightaways. Concession built under the grandstand. Large infield parking and 1,000 camp sites. Racing from May to September. Formerly Cayuga Speedway Park.
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