Tribute Communities Centre former General Motors Centre GMC (L6780)

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Address 99 Athol St
Oshawa ON L1J 5Y1
Region / Municipality Durham / Oshawa
Distance From Toronto 56 km, 35 miles, 0.75 hours Map | Street
Location Description Tribute Communities Centre is a sports and entertainment venue located in downtown Oshawa. The hockey arena is home to OHL Oshawa Generals. Opened Nov. 2006 and formerly called the General Motors Centre, it has a seating capacity of about 5,750. Fully wired for sound/video/power throughout. Private suites and group suites. Restaurant on two levels with rink-side seating. Catwalk above ice skating rink. Concession stands in the hallways. Dressing rooms, shower room, and gym. There is also a ticket office, staff room, Oshawa Sports Hall of Fame Museum, wide stairwells, hallways, mechanical rooms, electrical room, Zamboni garage, loading doors, and rooftop views.
Architecture Modern
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