Port Stanley (L5101)

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Port Stanley ON N5L 1C4
Region / Municipality Elgin / Central Elgin
Distance From Toronto 226 km, 141 miles, 3.00 hours Map | Street
Location Description Small waterfront fishing village on north shore of Lake Erie. Now part of The Municipality of Central Elgin. Working harbour. Summer tourist destination. Home of Port Stanley Terminal Rail, an operating tourist railway. Main Street and Bridge Street commercial street scene shots. Edith Cavell Avenue waterfront housing including upscale beach monster homes. Residential streets. Public beach and Little Sandy Beach. Beach restaurant bar and patio. With one of the finest stretches of sandy beach on the north shore of Lake Erie, the village is a very popular destination for day trippers and for those wanting to stay a little longer. Port Stanley’s uniqueness lies in natural attractions such as Kettle Creek and the multitude of leisure boats that frequent its banks. Port Stanley is home to the historic King George VI Lift Bridge, the oldest in Ontario, located in the centre of town.
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