The Living Arts Centre Mississauga (L4522)

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Address 4141 Living Arts Dr
Mississauga ON L5B 4B8
Neighbourhood City Centre
Region / Municipality Peel / Mississauga
Distance From Toronto 27 km, 17 miles, 0.50 hours Map | Street
Location Description Opened in 1997, modern multi-media, multi-art facility. 225,000 square feet of multiple performance venues, studio space and exhibition display areas. Spaces include three theatres: two-level RBC Theatre (seats 250 – 382 guests), three-level Hammerson Hall Theatre (seats 1315 guests) and the 110-seat Rogers Theatre. Restaurant, seven craft/arts studios, gallery, meeting and conference facilities: glass studio, ceramics studio, woodworking studio, painting and drawing studio, dance studio with sprung floors, barre and mirrors, textile and fabric centre with a 30 ft long printing table and modern dye lab. Small art gallery located in Laidlaw Hall. Large spacious lobby opens to several floors access via elevator a stair. Stained glass floor-to-ceiling windows. There is an underground parking garage.
Architecture Modern
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