Crieff Hills Retreat Centre (L2741)

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Address 7098 Concession 1
Puslinch ON N0B 2J0
Region / Municipality Wellington / Puslinch
Distance From Toronto 77 km, 48 miles, 1.00 hours Map | Street
Location Description Christian retreat & conference centre. Located on 250 acres of woodlands and rolling fields. Year-round accommodation. Seminar conference facilities for groups up to 125. Owned and operated by The Presbyterian Church of Canada. Combination of residence facilities and buildings with conference rooms. McLean House dining hall is a former 1874 schoolhouse. St Luke’s Lodge has vaulted ceiling and floor to ceiling fireplace with upper guest rooms. House of Prophet built in 1838 is a 2-storey squared log cabin with stone floor. House of Dove built in 1872 is a 2-storey farmhouse. House of Shepherd built in 1940 is a 2-storey stone house. House of Ruth built in 1976 is a cedar sided 2-storey woodframe with lower walkout. Robert Yeats House built in 1995 is octagonal shaped. Prayer Chapel is a small stone chapel. Amphitheatre.
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