Laverys Farm (L21499)

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Address 9307 Side Rd 9
Erin ON N0B 1T0
Region / Municipality Wellington / Erin
Distance From Toronto 75 km, 47 miles, 1.00 hours Map | Street
Location Description Over 20 acres of forested land with a large clearing in the front and back of this rustic barn event venue, only minutes away from the town of Erin. The barn has 4 large glass garage doors to the sides, a wet bar and a loft that is set up as a bedroom and seating area. There is a long gated driveway through the forest, a parking area, 3 cabins including an A frame cabin and a cabin on a pond, a work yard and multiple forested trails including a pine tree trail. The barn backyard features patio, and a grey metal silo with bar and separate patio and fire pit area.
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