Albion Bolton Community Centre (L21477)

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Address 150 Queen St S
Bolton ON L7E 1B3
Region / Municipality Peel / Caledon
Distance From Toronto 46 km, 29 miles, 0.75 hours Map | Street
Location Description A large community centre adjacent to the Bolton Fairgrounds on Bolton's South Hill. It is home to the Don Sheardown Arena which has a seasonal ice/floor of 180'x 80' and a capacity of 160 skaters on ice, 800 spectators (350 seated). The arena also has bleachers, electronic scoreboard and change rooms. There is an auditorium/banquet hall with a large raised stage, motorized ceiling-mounted projector screen and a sound system. The room also includes a coat room, bar serving area and kitchen. There are three rentable meeting rooms, a program room and a local library branch.
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