Shakespearean Gardens (L20888)

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Address 5 Huron St
Stratford ON N5A 2L6
Region / Municipality Perth / Stratford
Distance From Toronto 147 km, 92 miles, 1.75 hours Map | Street
Location Description The gardens are located at the south end of the Huron Street Bridge on the west side of Huron Street with the Avon River to the north and the Stratford Jail to the south. There is a small wood and stone-covered entrance which opens to the formal garden area. The gardens are separated by low stone walls and overlook the Avon River. There is a pedestrian bridge to a small island in the Avon River. A 65' chimney, remains of the Duftan Woollen Mill which burned in 1919, standing at the centre of the gardens. A gazebo is set at the far west end of the gardens which are lit by streetlights.
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