Timberwolf Golf Course (L20690)

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Address 1930 Maley Dr
Garson ON P3L 1M5
Region / Municipality Sudbury / Greater Sudbury
Distance From Toronto 400 km, 248 miles, 4.50 hours Map | Street
Location Description Eighteen-hole golf course taking advantage of the Canadian northern landscape. Designed by golf course architect Thomas McBroom, the course winds its way through streams, wetlands, rock outcroppings and spectacular forests populates with white birch trees. Each hole has multiple tee decks to oversize greens ranging from 5,500 sq ft to 9,000 sq ft on the 15th hole. The clubhouse has a pro shop, dining room, bar, and outdoor terraced patio. The pavilion plays host to weddings and overlooks the course. The Pro-Putt Course is an 18-hole artificial grass putting course.
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