Uxbridge Historical Centre (L20303)

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Address 7239 Concession Rd 6
Uxbridge ON L9P 1N5
Region / Municipality Durham / Uxbridge
Distance From Toronto 69 km, 43 miles, 0.75 hours Map | Street
Location Description Uxbridge Historical Centre, located just west of the town of Uxbridge, is a museum open seasonally and is available to book year round for filming. The 5 acre rural site overlooks the Uxbridge Valley and the Oak Ridges Moraine, and offers 10 historic relocated buildings. These include the Fifth Line Church from 1870, the Quaker Hill Schoolhouse from 1924, the 1908 Stokes Kydd Edwardian house, the Gould Carmody Farmhouse from the late 1980s, a reproduction gazebo, a print shop with period printing presses, as well as various other period outbuildings and sheds. The Orange Lodge Hall, the oldest building on the site, was badly damaged in June 2022 by the tornado that hit Uxbridge.
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