Compass Rose Suites (L20102)

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Address 575 Crowes Rd
Milford ON K0K 2P0
Region / Municipality Prince Edward
Distance From Toronto 242 km, 150 miles, 3.25 hours Map | Street
Location Description Located on 100 acres of land with forests, fields and meadows in the heart of Prince Edward County, Compass Rose Suites is a wedding venue and B&B hotel. The modern farmhouse is made of natural limestone, marble, zinc, stone and steel. It has 12 foot barn board ceilings and features 3 suites, fully equipped kitchen and great room. The newly renovated barn has a seating capacity of 95 people with 12’ sliding doors. Glass greenhouse with event space. Gardens. This property is a quick 10 minute drive from Picton and minutes away from the charming village of Milford.
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