Bath Museum (L19887)

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Address 434 Main St
Bath ON K0H 1G0
Region / Municipality Lennox and Addington / Loyalist
Distance From Toronto 236 km, 148 miles, 2.50 hours Map | Street
Location Description When Bath was a relatively new settlement, this building served as the Old Town Hall. It was completed in 1861, and for over 100 years it served as a venue for parties, festivals, town auctions, bingo nights, and even legion meetings. In 2009, the building was converted to the Bath Museum, and now houses historical artifacts, including memorabilia from both world wars, as well as a collection of tools and arrowheads dating back 400 years. The exterior columns that bracket the front door were modelled after judicial Roman buildings. There are two benches on the small front porch. Inside, there are windows along all exterior walls, and a curved ceiling. All of the interior doors have at least one pane of glass in them, allowing the natural light to spill over from room to room.
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