Battle of the Windmill National Historic Site (L19846)

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Address County Rd 2 E
Prescott ON K0E 1T1
Region / Municipality Leeds & Grenville
Distance From Toronto 359 km, Map | Street
Location Description The Battle of the Windmill National Historic Site is located east of the Town of Prescott Ontario on the St. Lawrence River in the Township of Edwardsburg / Cardinal. It was acquired by the city in 1923 and designated a national historic site in 1925, based on its involvement in a rebellion in 1838. The site is approximately two cleared acres with a view of the St. Lawrence Seaway, with stairs leading down to the water and a nature trail along the Seaway. Included in that is the windmill tower, archaeological remains including the structures from the village of Newport destroyed during the battle, artifacts related to the battle, and resources from the windmill’s long history. The structure was initially built as a windmill in 1832, then converted to a lighthouse and became operational in 1874, remaining in service for over a century. Over its life, the structure was used as a windmill, barracks, lookout station and ultimately a lighthouse. The all-stone lighthouse is five stories high, with a staircase connecting the floors. The main floor (which is the largest area) will hold approximately eight to ten people. Power is limited. There is a single phone line into the building, and no access to internet. There is no functional washroom onsite (outhouse only), and parking is limited (across the road from the tower).
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