Harbour West Marina - 210 Hillyard Street (L19496)

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Address 210 Hillyard St
Hamilton ON L8L 6B6
Neighbourhood Industrial Sector B
Region / Municipality Hamilton
Distance From Toronto 70 km, 44 miles, 1.00 hours Map | Street
Location Description Situated adjacent to Hamilton Harbour with water access, the 42,000 square feet warehouse has an open ceiling height of 43'. There is 8,000 square feet of office space within the warehouse as well as an operations bay with roll-up doors. One end of the warehouse slides open allowing for easy access of large objects such as ships. A large paved parking area surrounds the warehouse and extends to the west where it meets the harbour. There are two marine lifts on-site and docking available. Water access has a background of Stelco Steel. Gated access to the parking area from the east is electronically controlled. Separate gate access to Evans McKeil Way. Large paved parking area directly in front of 210 Hillyard. Front of the warehouse office area has large floor to ceiling windows and vaulted ceiling with modern architecture. Second floor meeting room has windows overlooking marina and water.
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