Winterbourne Bridge (L6614)

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Address Peel St
Winterbourne ON N0B 2V0
Region / Municipality Waterloo / Woolwich
Distance From Toronto 110 km, 69 miles, 1.25 hours Map | Street
Location Description Built in 1913, the riveted steel frame of side trusses, cross beams and sway braces, this bridge stands 14-feet above the Grand River in the Winterbourne valley. It is a two-span single-lane structure supported by three concrete pier abutments and is 333 feet long. At one time, the decking was wood planking but is currently made up of 2 x 4 spruce laminated on edge. Steel beams and wooden nailers hold the wood in place. Surrounded by fields and scrub brush. Gravel road. This bridge is currently CLOSED to all traffic including pedestrian and bicycle access.
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