Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre (L6499)

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Address 254 North Park St
Brantford ON N3R 4L1
Region / Municipality Brantford
Distance From Toronto 110 km, 69 miles, 1.50 hours Map | Street
Location Description The athletic sports facility opened in 2013 and has 4 NHL size ice skating rinks. Ice pad 1 seats 1,000 with a press box. It also has a running track on the second floor around the perimeter and the licensed “Lookout Lounge”. There is a small separate goalie training rink. Ice Pads 3 and 4 have ice in them all summer. The 3 pools are 65 metre, 25 metre and a therapy pool. Waterslide. The centre has a gymnasium, weight room, fitness facility including two fitness studios on the second floor. Meeting rooms and a permanent “Sports Hall of Recognition” exhibit. Parking on site.
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Feedback 18 Dec 19- The pool and high diving facility is open to filming, however programming must be accommodated. Longer lead times are best, as well as off-peak times in summer months.
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