Todmorden Mills Heritage Museum and Arts Centre (L6193)

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Address 67 Pottery Rd
East York ON M4K 2B9
Neighbourhood Todmorden Village
Region / Municipality Toronto
Distance From Toronto 0 km, 0 miles, 0.00 hours Map | Street
Location Description Historic 1850s era buildings including papermill with smokestack that houses a gallery/event space with steel dividing door, polished concrete floors & exposed brick detail, and a gift shop. Papermill also houses an accessible theatre with elevator, post & beam interior with retractable seating for 160, orchestra space below, balcony level with tech booth, glass enclosed crossover, upper & main floor dressing rooms. Brewery with small kitchen. The Cottage (1 level) with 1940's decor, a sitting room, a living room, a kitchen and dining room, and two bedrooms. The Helliwell House (2 level) with 1880's decor, a parlour, a kitchen, a laundry room, an off wood shed, and two bedrooms on main floor. Its second floor features a sitting room, a servant stairs, a master bedroom and a Children's bedroom. It also has a storm cellar. Small lower level parking lot, larger unpaved upper parking lot leads to Oxbow trails and marsh. Red brick path leads from Pottery Road to historic steel bridge.
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