Pan Pacific Toronto (L6149)

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Address 900 York Mills Rd
North York ON M3B 3H2
Region / Municipality Toronto
Distance From Toronto 0 km, 0 miles, 0.00 hours Map | Street
Location Description Large modern hotel of glass and concrete. Lobby with lounge area, floor to ceiling windows, tiled floors, stainless steel fireplace, check-in counters. Katsura Restaurant with its sushi bars offers a fine and elegant Japanese dining experience. 900 Lounge Restaurant gives hotel guests a place to have drinks at its bar and enjoy its spacious dining area. Ballrooms and event spaces. Large hotel suites with terrace and hotel rooms with balconies. Meeting room. Lounge on 4th floor with marble fireplace. Large industrial kitchen. Le Continental is an event space with floor to ceiling windows and dropped ceilings that can serve 80 guests. 2 Level covered parking garage. Outdoor tennis courts.
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