Massey Hall (L4387)

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Address 178 Victoria St
Toronto ON M5B 1T7
Region / Municipality Toronto
Distance From Toronto 0 km, 0 miles, 0.00 hours Map | Street
Location Description Originally built in 1893 by Architect Sidney Badgley, this performing arts theatre was renovated in ornate Art Deco style in 1933. Funded by industrial baron Hart Massey in memorial to his son. Red brick exterior. Restored in 2021/22 to feature its Moorish, Palladian and Art Deco styles. Ornate ceiling details are now visible, new seats, original stained glass windows reinstalled. 2 "passerelles" have been added on east & west sides to connect the auditorium to 2 new bars/event space on second and third levels. New basement level bar, washrooms, new dressing rooms and green room. Massey Hall’s capacity is now 2550 fully seated to over 2800 general admission. Please note that the new south end glass storey addition is not complete or ready to be photographed yet.
Architecture Art Deco
Looks Like
NEW YORK - Broadway
NEW YORK - Period
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