Country Heritage Park (L2711)

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Address 8560 Tremaine Rd
Milton ON L9T 2Y3
Region / Municipality Halton / Milton
Distance From Toronto 56 km, 35 miles, 0.75 hours Map | Street
Location Description Interactive heritage park depicting the evolution of agriculture and rural life over the last 170 years. With 30 exhibit buildings and over 20,000 artifacts, the park has several period buildings available for use including; Gambrel Barn which is built of hand-hewn timbers and has a 3-sided 2nd floor balcony. Puslinch Town Hall, built in 1867. Mayne Corners United Church, a white clapboard church built in 1876. Clark-McCleary House, a log cabin built in 1830, which portrays an early 1900s general store. Cassin Family Farmstead, built in the 1830s and portrays the daily routine of a farming family. Potter-Kinder Blacksmith Shop, built in 1920 in Renfrew County, portrays 1920s harness shop. Templin Carriage Works, built in 1910 and is a working wheelwright shop. Lucas Family Homestead, built in the 1860s and includes a large farm and home. Troyer-Fraser Barn, an unusual eight-sided barn housing a collection of early machinery. The Mountview Women's Institute Hall, a 1928 community hall. A 1928 Ford Dealership with automobiles and tractors from 1919 to 1953 and Massagaweya School, built in 1886 and restored to 1910, which is a one room school house. Park grounds also include fairgrounds with a large pavilion.
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