Revival House (L21298)

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Address 70 Brunswick St
Stratford ON N5A 3M1
Region / Municipality Perth / Stratford
Distance From Toronto 147 km, 92 miles, 1.75 hours Map | Street
Location Description Former church. The historic building sits on a corner lot surrounded by curated gardens. The open floor plan exposes guests to the elevated stage with stained glass backdrop. Vaulted ceiling with wood beams and period lighting. The curved wooden bar is located at the back of the main dining room against an exposed red brick wall with organ pipes as decor. The "Belfry" is located on the second floor. It overlooks the main dining area and has a separate bar, arched ceiling and exposed brick walls. The "Confessional" is a private area overlooking the main dining area and main bar. It has seating for 12 with velvet sofa and large circular stained glass window. Summer patio sits on the south side of the church with slate stones, wrought iron gate, gardens and church windows.
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