Bovaird House (L2121)

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Address 563 Bovaird Dr
Brampton ON L6V 3W7
Region / Municipality Peel / Brampton
Distance From Toronto 44 km, 28 miles, 0.50 hours Map | Street
Location Description Georgian style farmhouse built in 1840 with a basement, main floor, and second floor. Main floor with gift shop, parlour, and dining room with fireplaces. Summer kitchen with Dutch oven. The 2nd floor has bedrooms and nursery. Attic servant's quarters. Hand blown glass panes from England. Double brick construction. On site parking. NB Carriage cannot be moved from drive shed. Pendergast log home was built in mid-1800s and has a large kitchen, main room with large fireplace, two small bedrooms and second floor loft.
Architecture Georgian
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