The Rose Manor Bed & Breakfast (L21089)

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Address 41 Frazer St
Welland ON L3C 1N3
Region / Municipality Niagara / Welland
Distance From Toronto 133 km, 83 miles, 2.00 hours Map | Street
Location Description This grand home was built circa 1906 for Colonel Hugh Alexander Rose II and redone circa 1920 in Tudor Revival style, characterized by exposed timbers with stucco infill. The exterior style was changed to Tudor because the Colonel was fascinated with the style while serving in Europe during WWI. The property features beautiful outdoor space with views of the adjacent Welland Canal. Large front porch, side deck, vegetable garden, and front yard. 8 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. There was addition put on the property in 2016 that blends new and old styling. The neighbors' property is of similar age adding to the vintage facade. The property is currently operating as a bed and breakfast with spa amenities.
Architecture Tudor
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