Lancaster's Resort (L20732)

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Address 1045 Lancaster Lane
Cloyne ON K0H 1K0
Region / Municipality Frontenac
Distance From Toronto 273 km, 170 miles, 4.00 hours Map | Street
Location Description 30+ acre cottage resort and trailer park located on the shores of Mississagagon Lake in North Frontenac Township. The property includes a multi-use lodge with three floors: the first floor contains a lounge, office, dining room, rental suite, and kitchen for commercial use as well as another kitchen plus a living room for the Lancaster family. The second floor has been used exclusively by the Lancaster family for 40 years, and it includes 6 bedrooms, a bathroom and an ensuite bathroom. One of the bedrooms has an attic cubby for storage. Most bedrooms are not in use except for storage. The third floor is an unfinished attic. The property also features 16 cabins, with up to 7 cabins available for use as accommodations for crew, three of which still belong to the Lancasters and can be used for filming if needed: Cabin 14, Cabin 16, and the "Island Cottage". The others are privately owned, so permission would have to be granted to film interiors. The island cottage cabin is accessible by car via a thin causeway. There are about 70 seasonal trailer sites. There are forest trails and a hydro corridor on the property. Mississagagon Lake is pristine and dotted with natural islands, its north shore is privately owned but is undeveloped.
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