Long Point Eco-Adventures (L20392)

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Address 1730 Front Rd
St Williams ON N0E 1P0
Region / Municipality Norfolk
Distance From Toronto 160 km, 100 miles, 2.50 hours Map | Street
Location Description Restaurant, glamping and adventure resort. Facilities include 85 km of mountain bike trails, and hiking trails. The Acorus boardwalk has a viewing deck overlooking marshes. There are 8 ziplines, 2 suspension bridges, 40' rappel and axe throwing. A rooftop observatory holds a 16' Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. Marshview Restaurant has patio, and second floor meeting room. Wilderness suites have hardwood flooring, sliding glass doors to private deck and outdoor showers. Camping pods have small personal decks, hardwood floors and shared facilities. Mabee Marsh Cabin has room for larger groups.
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