Oshawa Markets (L20316)

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Address 555 Simcoe St S
Oshawa ON L1H 8K8
Region / Municipality Durham / Oshawa
Distance From Toronto 56 km, 35 miles, 0.75 hours Map | Street
Location Description Oshawa Markets is a 90,000 square feet former Target store now operating as a weekend only “flea market” with numerous independent businesses and a very large parking lot with 500 spots. Building includes 12,000 square feet warehouse with 12 feet ceilings, food court that can accommodate 150 plus people, former store employee areas with offices, employee lunchroom and boardroom. Parking lot often used as base camp when filming at Parkwood Estate (6 minutes away). NOTE – new section of stores (the Plaza) in the lot to be fully occupied by the fall by a gym, dollar store and restaurant, but Market will retail 75% of parking. This market replaces the Pickering Markets (1400 Squires Beach Rd in Pickering), which is now closed. The tarps in the market are removed on weekends.
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