Academica Hall (L20209)

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Address 242 James St N
Hamilton ON L8R 2L3
Neighbourhood Beasley
Region / Municipality Hamilton
Distance From Toronto 70 km, 44 miles, 1.00 hours Map | Street
Location Description Academica Hall is a restaurant and bar in Hamilton. The main floor is an old school sports/dive bar with pool tables, high ceilings, a CESSNA airplane hanging from the ceiling, and a commercial kitchen. The second floor is a banquet hall with hardwood floors, stage, tall ceilings, fluorescent lighting, and a reception desk. The basement area is storage space with tiled floors, a few hardwood posts, stacks of tables and chairs, and a wooden bar with an old cash register. Plenty of parking space available with 8 private parking spots, a nearby parking lot, and street parking.
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NEW YORK - Brooklyn
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