The House Theatre former Lyric Theatre Hamilton (L2009)

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Address 434 King St W
Hamilton ON L8P 1B7
Neighbourhood Strathcona
Region / Municipality Hamilton
Distance From Toronto 70 km, 44 miles, 1.00 hours Map | Street
Location Description Built as the Kenmore Theatre in 1923, later becoming the famous CHCH-TV telecentre, the Westside Concert Theatre and the Lyric Theatre. Currently it is known as the abandoned "House theatre", and under this new name a soon to be renovated and rebuilt structure, providing a mix of arts, business use, residential units, in addition to a performance facility and studio. The building features exposed brick walls, natural wood frame and flooring leading to an auditorium in bare bones condition. The ceiling features original light camera track and truss system. Power will be provided to accommodate crew. Facilities can be provided as well as safety measures for staff regarding access and safety in the areas under construction. Please note that updates to the site will be provided as they are made. The House Theatre provides set building, welding, forming, tooling, fabrication services of all kinds, as well as offsite storage service.
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