Thousand Islands Playhouse - Firehall Theatre & Production Facility (L19955)

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Address 185 South St
Gananoque ON K7G 1A1
Region / Municipality Leeds & Grenville
Distance From Toronto 288 km, Map | Street
Location Description The Thousand Islands Playhouse began in 1982 when a passionate group of community members bought the Gananoque Canoe Club from the local Rotary Club. Within the span of a few months, the vintage building was converted it into a 360 seat building on the banks of the St. Lawrence River and renamed the Springer Theatre. In 2004, the organization purchased the Gananoque Armoury to add as a second performance space called the Firehall Theatre. Originally constructed in 1913, the building also served as the local fire and police station before it was converted into a 130 seat black box theatre, with plain black walls and a level floor, allowing for flexibility of both the stage configuration and audience seating. It currently doubles as space for community events and concerts throughout the year. The Production Facility is part of the Thousand Islands Playhouse, and is very close to the Firehall Theatre. It is where all the magic happens before the performances begin. This is where the sets are designed and built, where the direction is mapped out and initial rehearsals are done, and where the props and costumes are designed, made, and stored. With high ceilings and large open spaces, this building is the perfect workshop area to create the plays that are eventually performed at the theatres.
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