Brigadoon Restaurant (L19935)

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Address 9 Bridge St
Kemptville ON K0G 1S0
Region / Municipality Leeds & Grenville / North Grenville
Distance From Toronto 393 km, 244 miles, 3.43 hours Map | Street
Location Description The Brigadoon was built around 1840 as a general store and family home. Stones quarried from the riverbed made up the exterior, and red brick was used for the interior as a form of insulation. What used to be the general store is now the main dining room, which still features the original wood, stained mahogany, as was popular at the time. One of the original store counters is now the current bar top, and the tables are all hand-made out of wood salvaged from floor and stair boards from an extension that was torn down. The pillars in the dining room are ship masts bought from the shipyard in Prescott at the time the original building was erected. Artifacts line the dining room walls, originating from all around the world. Some were found during the renovations, but others have been donated by customers. The second floor has been completely renovated to reflect the same time period, with pine flooring and original windows and woodwork. The third floor is a private party room that has exposed stone walls at each end, and the original elm beams adding support and ambiance. The bar on the third floor is also one of the original store counters from when the building first opened.
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