The Lodge Coffee House (L19934)

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Address 376 Main St
Bath ON K0H 1G0
Region / Municipality Lennox and Addington / Loyalist
Distance From Toronto 236 km, 148 miles, 2.50 hours Map | Street
Location Description The Lodge Coffee House came under current management in 2017, and has since undergone many developments and changes. They focus on creating food from locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, serving high quality coffee, tea, sandwiches, and from-scratch baked goods. This charming spot has a tented entryway that leads into a small, tiled solarium that holds a few chairs, where people can sip their beverages and watch the world go by. The interior of the coffee shop has vintage hardwood floors and painted wood walls, a large table with seating, a washroom, and a cute checkout counter with glass pastry display case. Windows on every side allow an abundance of natural light into the store.
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