Glengarry Pioneer Museum (L19888)

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Address 1645 County Rd 30, R.R.#1
Alexandria ON K0C 1J0
Region / Municipality Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry / North Glengarry
Distance From Toronto 420 km, 260 miles, Map | Street
Location Description The Glengarry Pioneer Museum was opened in 1962. It is a collection of nineteenth century log or wood-frame heritage buildings and historic artifacts. The original building was built in 1840 and functioned as Macintosh’s Store, and eventually became the Star Inn in the 1860s. This is the period of time that the Pioneer Museum is furnished to reflect. The buildings on the property include a period inn (which is the oldest functioning bar in Ontario), a livery shed with farming equipment, two barns with sleighs and tools (the Campbell Barn and the Stewart Barn), a functioning blacksmith shop, The Roxborough Township Hall, a cheese factory, a trapper’s cabin, a one room schoolhouse, and a open-sided pavilion used for community events. There is a museum’s shop located in the main lodge and carries a wide selection of local hand-made gifts, including historical books, clothes and jewelry, rug hooking patterns, local honey, maple syrup, and hand dyed wool.
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