UEL Heritage Centre and Park (L19883)

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Address 54 Adolphustown Park Rd
Adolphustown ON K0H 1G0
Region / Municipality Lennox and Addington / Greater Napanee
Distance From Toronto 252 km, Map | Street
Location Description UEL Heritage Centre is 72 acres of land on the shores of Bay of Quinte. Established as a family campground in 1956, it’s known for its large grass fields and sandy beaches. There are two children’s playgrounds and two washroom facilities, as well as a convenience store where you can buy ice cream and snacks. There are a variety of activities, including horseshoe pits, weekly bingo, and historical re-enactments. A museum dedicated to early Ontario history is also on the grounds, and it has gorgeous old-world architecture as well as a cozy library research room. Some of the rooms have artifacts that cannot be moved, which will limit filming in a few areas of the building.
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