Cornwall Public Library (L19853)

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Address 45 Second St E
Cornwall ON K6H 1Y2
Region / Municipality Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry / Cornwall
Distance From Toronto 435 km, 270 miles, 4.15 hours Map | Street
Location Description Originally built in 1953 as a post office, the building was retrofitted as a library in 1997. The foyer is an open air, two-storey black marble space with floor to ceiling windows. The main library is flooded with natural light that streams in through a combination of windows from corner to corner, as well as rows of skylights. The building has a large, carpeted meeting room for group gatherings. There is also an extensive basement area that is broken up into several rooms, some used for book storage and others empty. The library has free wi-fi and public computer workstations with Internet, word processing and special subscription databases. In terms of equipment, the library has self check-out stations, a DVD viewing station, microfilm readers, and machines for photocopying, faxing, printing and scanning.
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