The Lost Villages (L19850)

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Address 16361 Fran Laflamme Dr
Cornwall ON K0C 1P0
Region / Municipality Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry / Cornwall
Distance From Toronto 435 km, 270 miles, 4.15 hours Map | Street
Location Description The Lost Villages is a collection of ten heritage buildings arranged in a village-like setting at Ault Park, the township's oldest park. Housed in the buildings are historical artifacts and records from the "Lost Villages” - the six villages, three hamlets, and the farming island of Sheek Island. Features period buildings like Barbershop, Blacksmith, Corn Crib, Drive Shed, Forbes Memorial Reading Room, General Store, Log House, Sandtown Church, Schoolhouse, Stuart Home, Train Station. The Sandtown Advent Christian Church, a quaint country church, may be reserved for weddings, memorial services and concerts, and researchers are welcome to reserve research time at the Lost Villages Archives in the Forbes Memorial Reading Room. Ault Park itself is used for many community events, including the township's Canada Day celebrations. There are no restrictions on filming or photography at the museum site.
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