Country Side Antiques (L19844)

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Address 895 County Rd 44
Kemptville ON K0G 1J0
Region / Municipality Leeds & Grenville / North Grenville
Distance From Toronto 393 km, 244 miles, 3.43 hours Map | Street
Location Description Country Side Antiques sits on a small, lush piece of land in Kemptville. Originally part of a small farming community, it now functions as an eclectic antique shop. Several older buildings remain on the land, including the Log House, Stone House, and Carriage Barn The Log House was the original homestead built in the 1790s. It’s been updated since that time, but still visually evokes the feel of pioneer days. Currently it contains merchandise for sale. The Stone House was constructed by Scottish stonemasons in the 1830s, and the rest of the house was slowly built onto and around it, until the building was completed in the 1850s. This structure now functions as the main part of the shop, filled with a wild mix of antiques. The Carriage Barn was used to store sleighs and buggies, and now houses more inventory for purchase.
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