Springside Park (L19834)

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Address 8460 County Rd 2
Napanee ON K7R 1B1
Region / Municipality Lennox and Addington / Greater Napanee
Distance From Toronto 213 km, 133 miles, 3.00 hours Map | Street
Location Description Springside Park is home to small waterfalls that powered Napanee’s many mills 200 years ago. Historically, below the falls, the river was navigable by cargo schooners, and from early spring to late fall, schooners and sailboats moved down the river loaded with grain, apples, lumber and cheese from the Port of Napanee. Today the waterfront boasts a paved walking path and remnants of the town’s industrial past can be seen along the way. Construction of the Grand Trunk Railway (the GTR) connecting Toronto with Montreal began in 1852. A large limestone bridge was constructed to bring the line above the Falls, the Napanee River, and the streets of the town, uniquely converging three modes of transportation – rail, road, and water. Today the bridge serves as an active line for both Via Rail and freight trains. The large arches of the bridge serve as a picturesque entryway to the town’s waterfalls and Springside Park.
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