Lynde House Museum & Warren General Store (L18520)

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Address 900 Brock St S
Whitby ON L1N 4L6
Region / Municipality Durham / Whitby
Distance From Toronto 53 km, 33 miles, 0.75 hours Map | Street
Location Description Lynde House was built in 1811, is the oldest house in Durham Region and is a two story wood sided Georgian style house. It was originally located on a large 200-acre farm beside Lynde Creek on Dundas Street in Whitby, Ontario, and moved to Cullen Gardens in 1986 and then to its current location in 2013. It is now a museum operated by the Whitby Historical Society. Also on the property is the brick one story Warren General Store, now used as a gift shop for the museum. There is a parking lot located at the rear of property.
Architecture Georgian
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