Sault Ste Marie Museum (L17796)

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Address 690 Queen St E
Sault Ste Marie ON P6A 2A4
Region / Municipality Algoma / Sault Ste Marie
Distance From Toronto 690 km, 431 miles, 8.00 hours Map | Street
Location Description Red brick 3 storey former post office situated on corner lot with clock and bell tower intact. Built 1906, the "Dominion Building" originally included along with the post office, the Customs & Excise Warehouse, Fisheries Office and Indian Agent Office. The flat roof has a 5 foot parapet wall around the edge. Main floor has short term exhibits in the Durham Gallery. The first floor has the Walter Wallace Military Gallery. The second floor has the Skylight Gallery and the third floor has the Sports Hall of Fame and Marine Gallery - all permanent exhibits. The central staircase is original wood open to ground floor. Second floor community rooms. Various areas still retain wood wainscotting, trim and high ceilings.
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