Sheldon Centre For Outdoor Education TDSB (L17070)

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Address 995243 Mono Adjala Townline
Alliston ON L9R 1V1
Region / Municipality Simcoe / New Tecumseth
Distance From Toronto 94 km, 59 miles, 1.00 hours Map | Street
Location Description School on a farm setting. Casson House is a brick farm house with porch, kitchen, small dorm rooms upstairs, lounge. Main building has a chalet look with lounge, dorm rooms and deck. Red museum building with upper loft. Gym is in the red barn. Stable with classroom. Full-size teepee. Small suspension bridge. Sugar shack. Climbing wall. Fire pit, fields, small river. Part of xoTO/TDSB pilot program.
Location Notes Due to precautions being taken around COVID-19, schools are currently closed and unavailable for filming until further notice. Part of xoTO/TDSB pilot program. Special daily rate card and 72-hour permit turnaround available (not including scouting times/days); $50 processing fee applies. A scouting fee does not apply.
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