Gore Meadows Community Centre & Library (L15113)

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Address 10150 The Gore Rd
Brampton ON L6P 0A6
Region / Municipality Peel / Brampton
Distance From Toronto 44 km, 28 miles, 0.50 hours Map | Street
Location Description Located on a 143-acre rural site, Gore Meadows Community Centre & Library is a unique 300,000 sq ft multi-purpose facility. The building’s main exterior feature is a multi-directional curved glass wall simulating a wave. The timber-framed public galleria stretches along the main façade and links the community centre, public library, and sports centre. The facilities include the library, gymnasium with bleacher seating and change facilities, a fitness room with fitness studio, program spaces, lounges, meeting rooms, activity room, kitchen facilities, a patio, an outdoor skate park with skateboard ramps, playground, soccer field, and basketball courts in the gym and outdoors. Phase 2 adds an additional 80,000 sq ft of community centre space. There is an 8 lane 25 metre pool and second leisure pool with change rooms. Fitness centre with elevated running track, aerobic and dance studios and an outdoor ice arena.
Architecture Modern
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