Levack (L13590)

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Address Levack
Sudbury ON P0M 2C0
Region / Municipality Sudbury / Greater Sudbury
Distance From Toronto 384 km, 240 miles, 4.50 hours Map | Street
Location Description Coupled with Onaping, Levack has an approximate population of 2,000. Levack is 2 km north of Onaping and part of an amalgamation of 3 communities now known as Onaping Falls. The main street is called Levack Drive and has a municipal office, two restaurants, a hardware stores and post office along the east side with a small park, cenotaph and rail line along the west side. Levack Drive is set against a backdrop of a heavily forested higher elevation. Community centre, outdoor ice rink and variety of low- to midscale housing. Near Coleman and Levack mines.
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