Yonge Dundas Square (L8103)

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Address Yonge St & Dundas St E
Toronto ON M5B 2C3
Neighbourhood Downtown East
Region / Municipality Toronto
Distance From Toronto 0 km, 0 miles, 0.00 hours Map | Street
Location Description Yonge-Dundas Square is located on the southeast corner of Yonge Street & Dundas Street East across from the Toronto Eaton Centre. There are fountains that shoot water out of the ground, patio tables and chairs, and many billboards and retail stores all around. Buskers, artists, and preachers hang out in the neighbourhood. Many flashing neon billboards populate the intersection. Resembles a small-scale Times Square. Images in some portfolios also include streetviews a few blocks north and south of Dundas Street, on Yonge Street.
Looks Like
NEW YORK - Broadway
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Feedback 3 May 21- Film Deck: https://www.ydsquare.ca/film-deck
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