The Symes (L5929)

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Address 150 Symes Rd
York ON M6N 0B1
Neighbourhood Syme
Region / Municipality Toronto
Distance From Toronto 0 km, 0 miles, 0.00 hours Map | Street
Location Description Former Symes Waste Transfer Station, now a heritage site. Situated on 5.5 acres of land, the multipurpose venue has two massive event spaces — 5,600 square feet on the main floor and 4,100 on the second. The heritage attributes of the property include The Symes Road incinerator brick, stone and metal materials, cornices along the roof lines, distinctive round windows, and horizontal banding detailing the exterior ceilings of 17 and 22 feet respectively, plus tons of natural light. Each floor is equipped with kitchen areas, private lounges, elevator, and accessible entrances and restrooms. Vehicles can drive directly into the space if needed. The second floor has a very large south-facing terrace offering an unobstructed 180-degree view of the city.
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